View Full Version : How do I put Sims2 to usb/play without cd

20.07.2010, 00:01
I've googled for weeks and everything I can find is fuzzy, hard to understand...I just need simple instrctions on how to do this...I am using a dell mini10 netbook, xp, no optical drive so I got a 8g usb that I want to use to either play the game off of or use to transfer the file to my netbook...w.e works/ I have DT pro trial right now and have used create image to my other comp, but when trying to mount to scsi it says error 3, but it seems to mount to IDE fine other then it doesnt play the game it just opens nero to burn it? I was wondering if i had to use winrar to compress or extract it? it also wont transfer to my usb drive says its too big, but its not// I read that might have somethingto do with the fat32 format of the usb, which i dont know howto change(tried in properries/format)....if i click on autorun it starts the installationof sims...just very lost here read a ton of conflicting info!! why does it seem so easy am I just retarded lol..thanks

20.07.2010, 19:42
So You want to install and play "The Sims 2" from USB drive on net-book which doesn't have optical CD/DVD drive? If so, try to format your USB drive with NTFS file system(before copy all files from it, if don't want to lose them) and add image there. You can do it on Windows Vista or 7. Don't know how to do it with XP OS. Also you can compress to few parts (4GB or less) if you want FAT file system and extract it on your note-book. Then, You should be able to install "The Sims 2" from image. Sorry if I misunderstood, I am not native English speaker.