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21.07.2010, 12:47
Hey guyz i'm tryin 2 to play flatout ultimate carnage using SecuROM 7 Burner loader and it telz me that it cannot find a secret......, i also got Anti-blaxx, 5star game copy and CureROM but the game can't open.

21.07.2010, 18:10
Your listed tools are all outdated.

What error do you get when you start the game?
Also how did you create your image?

26.07.2010, 14:49
*Another security module cannot be activated*, Dat's the error i get when m tryin 2 open the game with Anti-blaxx SR7 Hide, and when I'm opening with SecuROM 7 Burner loader it tells me it "Cannot find secret value". I created my image using alcohol 120%.

26.07.2010, 15:21
Don't use such tools. Just mount the image into latest DT Pro's vIDE drive.

27.07.2010, 09:19
I installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my computer and i managed to open FOUC game with a backup disc(also with an image mounted with alcohol 120% virtual drive) then I closed the game. The problem started when I tried to open the game again, I got a message saying "conflict with emulation software detected", I then removed the Disc and used DT Lite to mount the image the message appeared again.

27.07.2010, 18:04
Mount into latest DAEMON Tools Pro's vIDE.

30.07.2010, 13:08
I only have DT Lite Ver. 4 installed on my computer but still it can't open the game with a mounted image.

30.07.2010, 13:34
Use YASU from here (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f40/yasu-1-6-9040-released-23591/#post113051).
You need to adjust the filename as described here (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f40/yasu-1-6-9-9040-not-compatible-dt-4-35-a-25451/).

...and uninstall all outdated Antiblacklisting tools ;)

03.08.2010, 08:18
I got YASU and DTE.exe and it can find the DTLite I installed and it's able to cloak the drives but I'm still getting the message "conflict with emulation software detected". I'm running a game with SecuROM 7 copy protection.

03.08.2010, 09:49
How many virtual drives are set up ATM ?
Is there a link in that error message ?

Does the original work at all ATM ?
Many people report about having that error even when using the original disc.
You can get a "softened" Launcher.exe from the SecuROM support.

12.08.2010, 13:45
I have 2 virtual drives, and there's a link in the error I'm having. The original disk has a very serious scratch, I get a message saying that it's a backup disk but I managed to make a copy before it got scrached.

12.08.2010, 13:49
That error means bad image, so you must recreate it.

12.08.2010, 14:40
If creating a new image doesn't work due to the scratches you can try the attached mds file instead of yours.

16.08.2010, 10:00
I created 2 virtual drives, and there's a link in the error. The original disk got scratched and now it tells me that it is a backup disk.

16.08.2010, 10:17
You still have the image you've once made ?
Which image format is it ?

16.08.2010, 10:20
mds format with an attached file named FOUC.mds

16.08.2010, 11:00
So you've already tried the mds file i've attached in Post #13 and still get that same error message ?

16.08.2010, 11:37
No I haven't, the problem is I'm using a computer in the public internet lab at school. I will try it on my PC at home will get back to you for feedback. Tanx.

18.08.2010, 13:51
Thanx a bunch for that FOUC.mds file, I can now play my game. The difference was that my FOUC.mds file was 1KB and the one you gave me is 10KB, I just realised that I created a bad image. How did you creat that image? I'm expiriencing the same problem with a FIFA10 image.

20.08.2010, 13:53
How did you creat that image?That particular one was created with Alcohol, the DPM information was injected from a Blindwrite BWA file.
But that's some unusual method you don't need to learn.

If you're using DAEMON Tools Pro or Alcohol you have to choose the correct SecuROM Profile/Datatype
when creating the image.
Maybe you actually did that when creating your image with Alcohol, but if your drive isn't capable of performing the needed Data Position Measurement the result will be a non-working 1kb MDS file.