View Full Version : Apple MAC macbook pro i7 ISO won't mount properly

24.07.2010, 08:21
latest apple macbook pro with Intel I7.
i was running W7 x64 and XP SP3 with latest updates.

none of those OS loads ISO files properly...

The ISO shows as loaded L: drive - i can see the files, but auto-run doesn't work and the setup.exe files usually just blinks into a command prompt window and close. :confused:

the ISO files are on external FW 800 drive. real headache.
i know in the past when i had C2D 2.93GHz MBP it worked.

is something different with the i7 CPU architecture that mess things up ? Using the latest BOOTCAMP drivers 3.1.3

24.07.2010, 16:19
Is your problem reproducible for all ISO images? If not, please specify software you try to launch.

24.07.2010, 18:03
yes, it's the same for all ISO files. games.

i can mount them without problem on the MAC side, no errors, checked the disc for errors too.

could that be an issue with the driver that reads MAC partition under windows ? what else can i test, try ?