View Full Version : virtual scsi driver not detected and canґt uninstall (d tools 3.44 and daemon script)

18.04.2004, 14:08
Operating System: win 98
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I have a network with 6 computers, since a week everytime that i restart some of the computers (4) this error windows pops up "Virtual SCSI driver not detected". if i try to start the daemon.exe file, same error window come up.
The virtual units still be there, (i still have 3 virtual units but i cant mount any images because i can not load the daemon.exe file.
If i try to uninstall the daemon tool or fix the actual instalation a device setup error will appear "Device setup error: code 25038 (0X61CE,0 (0X0)..."and doesnґt uninstall it.
If i try to reinstall it tells me that the bus driver is in use.
I can install the last version (3,46) (probably because the bus driver name is different) but the other units still there so i still have 3 units that i cant use using resources.

Before all this happens i change in the virtual DVD propieties the check box for "detect automatic insert"(i turn it off, by defect is on) (i think that is how is called in english, i have my windows in spanish) anyway is the function to start the automatic reading of the CDґs/DVD everytime u insert the cd/dvd in the computer (3th check box of the configuration tag of the virtual drive)

can anyone help me to fix it or to make a clean uninstall of the drives??


18.04.2004, 14:15
If i try to uninstall it does it but the virtual dvd remains

18.04.2004, 14:27
Check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum, reboot, then install v3.46.