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Vector Sigma
25.07.2010, 17:21
I am using DTLite, and are trying to mount 4 DVD ISOs (type NRG). It will mount the first image, but then hangs when I try to mount additional images. Has anyone else had this problem?

25.07.2010, 17:30
Is it happening with other images too?
What hangs exactly?
How did you create those images?

Vector Sigma
25.07.2010, 17:32
Thank you for replying

It happens to all the images. The images were created using NERO Burning ROM to copy. DTLite Hangs, then eventually windows explorer will also crash

25.07.2010, 19:49
What DT Lite and OS version are you running?

So when you start the setup from Disc 1 and then it prompts you to insert Disc 2 and then you mount number 2, DT Lite hangs (any message from DT Lite?). Does it also hang when you only browse Disc 1 and then insert Disc 2?

Vector Sigma
25.07.2010, 19:58
DTLite 4.36
WinXP Sp3

They are not Data DVDs, the are non-copy protected video DVDs. I want to mount 4 at once so I can set them for a batch file conversion while I'm sleeping

Vector Sigma
04.08.2010, 19:21
Did anyone have additional thoughts on this thread? Thanks.

If not, I'll revert back to an earlier version.

05.08.2010, 08:46
Is there a problem to create 4 virtual drives and mount all images to them?