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21.12.2002, 19:13
http://blfs.netservice-neuss.de/view/cvs/basicnet/daemontools.html for all that ask for a linuxversion of daemontools ... here you go! :D

21.12.2002, 20:35
HOHOHO! It's xmas time :mrgreen: - and such a big pgift! Thx Netsurfer :lol:

03.01.2003, 17:19
Excuse my ignorance (I'm new to Linux);

but how is this different than:

mount -o loop -t iso9660 -r cd_image.iso /mnt/cdrom


15.02.2003, 00:02
This is a frikin revolution is what this is. You try mounting .bin .img or any one of the many other image file formats out there using mount -o loop -t iso9660 -r cd_image.iso /mnt/cdrom, the bottom line is, it aint gonna happen. You can mount .ISOs and that's it. And you forget what daemon tools is, what it does, why it exists. I mean does copy protection ring a bell to you? With WineX and other technologies emerging there is a very strong need for Daamon tools on Linux. Besides which Daemon tools is just plumb cool. Its a tool for lazy people - people who don't even want to burn CDs. Anything that makes life simpler in Linux is definately a good thing. Its also a DVD player, so in the event of you downloading or making a DVD ISO, you don't need a DVD burner to play/use it. Need I go on? I could give you any one of 50 different reasons why Damon tools is cool, or why Daemon tools on Linux is even cooler. And I'm sure mostly everybody who reads this and has used Daemon tools and who has longed for this facility on Linux could give 50 more of their own reasons too. This is so cool, its the next level in coolness. :)

Ok geek drool over with, now to have some fun! (BTW expect this to get a lot more poplular, as I intend to post info on it on every forum of which I am a member!)


15.02.2003, 00:08
Feck no I won't this is a BS joke... It has nothing to do with CDs, its a frikin email/spam scanner or something. Shit! I thought I had hit the Jackpot for a second. Damn why did this guy post this if it wasn't real?


15.02.2003, 01:56
@raid517: hehe, looks like the jokes on you...

Seems you wrote your heart out for naught. Just goes to show that you should not believe everything you hear (or read in this case).

15.02.2003, 02:15
Well I would laugh too I guess, if I wasn't so dissapointed. Still if I ever did see daemon tools on Linux I would probably leap around the room in joy or something. I have about 230 huge files all in various image formats, very few of which are .ISOs (I gave up making CDs and DVDs when I found Daemon tools) so I'm stuffed if I'm going to spend hours, or days on end converting them all. I completely dissagree with those that say there would be no use for Daemon tools in Linux, I have used Linux for three months solidly - and I can think of 100s of occasions where Daemon Tools would have been a real boon. Indeed it is the one application I miss more than any other since converting.

What a shame this was such a big false alert... :(


15.02.2003, 02:52
Have you tried wine, vmware or any other windows emulator. I have heard that wine has made some favorable progress in their emulation.

15.02.2003, 03:20
Have you tried wine, vmware or any other windows emulator. I have heard that wine has made some favorable progress in their emulation.

Wine (none of the flavours) work, as I think Daemon tools uses some virtual hardware hooks that look for Windows features/elements that simply aren't present in Wine. Vmware defeats the purpose. There doesn't seem much point booting a fake Windows partition when you have invested so much effort learning how to use another OS completely. The point would be to mount a diverse range of file types natively, rather than consuming mega resources running a buggy virtual machine.

Besides which emulation is never a great option, sometimes things work, but they never quite work as well as they would generally do natively.

As I said, probably I was just day dreaming again. I read through the forums and I read a post by one of the chief Daemon tools developers saying that there were no plans to make daemon tools for Linux, since the developers just didn't have the time. They also said it was about not needing the copy protection features in Linux - but as I never used the copy protection features (I just used it for the large range of file types it could mount) then this had no relevance to me. It all seems rather odd really, with guys that are so hardcore in terms of programming, to not be offering or contributing to a viable route away from Windows. Linux may still need some work (although its already very nearly there) and in two years I do not doubt that it will be everything Windows is and much, much more. But it needs developers who are brave enough and who have enough vision to make the leap now.
Maybe Daemon tools for Linux wont happen, but from my perspective it will be Daemon tools who will be the poorer for this. Making Linux funky will happen, but it needs the support of funky people with funky ideas to help it get there.

In the mean time I guess I will have to just keep on dreaming...


15.02.2003, 03:55
Well, since you seem so focused on it, why don't you learn how to program. I mean, 99.9% of linux is open source, so why not just enhance the existing iso support to include different image formats?

15.02.2003, 04:21
Lol, well I'm afraid I'm really just a computer newbie. It took me long enough just to learn how to use Linux, learning how to program is another issue completely. The sad truth is I don't know if I'm bright enough (at least in this area) to really be all that good at programming. I'm a photographer by profession and only turned to computers about a year and a half ago as a way of furthering my main interests. Perhaps it might be a natural progression, in two or three years after using linux I might end up programming without ever really knowing I'm doing it. But I think I'm probably a long way from there yet. I know what your saying though, that if I wanted something so bad, why complain, why not just do it myself? Well that's not the point, I wasn't complaining, I freely admit I am no programmer, I was just noting how cool it would be. :) As for the suggestion that was made to adapt the loopback device method of mounting an ISO image, well I guess that might be done, but it still wouldn't be as cool as Daemon tools - and the anti-copy protection does come in handy for a lot of things, particularly since with WineX you can now run Windows games in Linux.
Open source? Well yes, but (not that I could do much with it if it was) is Daemon tools open source? Or is that a part of the problem as to why it has been said that it won't be ported?


15.02.2003, 04:43
Deamon tools will never be open source, imo. If it were, sony/macrovision would be able to find all kinds of annoying ways to blacklist daemon tools.

21.05.2003, 10:11
This is the closest i've found to a similar program to daemon-tools in Linux world:

And if you think about it, on Linux you only burn CDs bin .bin or .iso formats so this will cover (hopefully) every image you produce on Linux.

In what concerns to making Daemon-tools opensource and porting it to linux:

Btw, isn't providing opensource about copy protections illegal? I know that Transgaming (WineX producer) provides his source code but doesn't on topics related to CD protections.

So it could be possible to open daemon-tools up if you just open the souce related to the core emultaion, which is the most needed, the problem is if that core is portable enough.

18.04.2007, 10:54
When I try to access the page to get daemon tools for linux, I found out that the page has been disabled. so what to do? Or any one else can show me where to get an altenative program used in linux apart from cdemu?

18.04.2007, 14:01
If you're talking about the link in the post above yours, that WAS CDEmu.

18.04.2007, 14:17
I think he refers to the link in the first post of this thread, which returns a 404 error. But that doesn't surprise me, since that post is over 4 years old.

18.04.2007, 14:27
Ah, I didn't see that.

19.04.2007, 04:16

@ olivnt

I think you dont need a "collection of tools for managing UNIX services" ^^

If you try to mount an Iso-Image at Linux, try this

mount -t iso9660 -o loop,ro /path/image.iso /mnt/mountpoint

Mounting mdf files at this way should also be possible.

20.06.2007, 23:56
Jebus guys ... think out of the box here!
Have you ever tried the stuff below?

Use VMWare Workstation and make a Windows drive. Install Daemon tools on it, and then grab nfsAxe (Windows NFS server software) and make the virtual drive avail via NFS. The on the linux box mount the Daemon tools drive via NFS (easily done!) and enjoy it under WINE or Cedega or w/e you want to use.

21.06.2007, 15:44
NFS really works with all kinds of copy-protections? Somehow I doubt that...
OK... Cedega/Wine also don't work with all copy protections yet - at least from what I know...

21.06.2007, 17:14
Isn't daemon tools's driver supposed to take care of that? NFS just does the job of reading from what's read off the vcd through Daemon tool's driver and sending it off to your linux box.

21.06.2007, 20:13
Wait ... even a better idea...
you can share the Daemon Tools drive in your VMWare workstation's windows install, and then use Samba to access it... wouldn't that kick-ass-tic?

21.06.2007, 20:32
But isn't NFS only for file-share?
Copy-Protections require at least access per sectors...

iSCSI could work but even that probably wouldn't work for all protections (e.g. StarForce newer versions)...

22.06.2007, 21:27
umm does nfs or smbfs allow per sector read ... ?

I'm thinking of mount -t smbfs or mount -t nfs

if either of those allows, then we're in business... I think...

24.06.2007, 21:16
No neither, NFS or Samba would work. The only viable option is what ghost already suggested: iSCSI.

11.08.2008, 00:39
Have you tried wine, vmware or any other windows emulator. I have heard that wine has made some favorable progress in their emulation.

Point 1 wine does not properly support things like tsp or other copy protection schemes. so mounting a image is useless if its got protection.

Point 2 mounting a image in linux will NOT allow for disk 2 to be inserted during install. that image would have to be mounted in wine's env. duno how to get wine to play nice that way would probably require conversation between you and them. once disk is mounted and setup.exe is run it will not open/mount another disk untill setup.exe is complete. some setups have protection writen in them that if it is not the original no install.