View Full Version : far cry dvd don't work

18.04.2004, 18:55
hi people and all my apologies for my baaaaaaddd englensh

Here's the stuff i burnt far cry on a dvd (3.45 go :shock: ) but it does'nt work even if all emulations are enable :?

But if i play with the mounted img then it works :shock:
What i ve done wrong :?: :?: :?:

Pliz help a poor newbie ---

18.04.2004, 22:50
afaik, no dvd-burner is able to write dao-raw, not to mention the lack of
efm-capabilities. I suggest you to use only image (at least this is currently
the only solution). for backup purposes you should burn the image-files
to dvd, this should work

18.04.2004, 23:46
thanx a lot for this reply :D