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05.08.2010, 09:51
version : DT Pro adv. evaluation 4.36.03039.0160

It was running fine. But a few days later when I would start the main app this modal dialog box would appear during the license verification stage saying "The application is corrupted". I have read other threads which describe a similar dialog box on earlier version but no information as to the possible causes was given.

I clicked on OK and then the "choose license" dialog popped up (as it did during installation). After selecting "Trial License" then Edition, then a dialog box appeared saying "Trial
License was successfully activated". The app then ran normally.

My question is what would cause the strange dialog in the first place? I do remember doing some system testing for a project I was working on that involved a couple of virtual machines (hosted by VirtualBox).

Any ideas???


05.08.2010, 11:08
Some security software may have denied access to some file of DT.

05.08.2010, 17:12
avast is installed v5.0.594 but all real-time shields are disabled

05.08.2010, 17:19
Probably Avast has some kind of process guard and its definitions had a false positive without telling.
Strange is only it is working after setting up Activation again.

06.08.2010, 11:39
not directly related to this, but can you confirm that I will never be able to activate a trial installation of a later version of daemon tools once v4.36 expires?

Could you also confirm that the system id you keep is a one way hash?


06.08.2010, 12:52
After 3 years of DT Pro trial usage you still bother about such trivialities ? :rolleyes: