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10.08.2010, 16:11
The installation of Daemon Tools Lite worked just fine, but when i want to run the program a window shows up which says that some parts (datas) are not compatible with Windows.
Has anyone an idea what to do here??

I´ve tried it now 3 times (install & uninstall) but always the same problem.

Thank for helping!

10.08.2010, 16:43
Please specify your OS and DAEMON Tools Lite version.

10.08.2010, 16:56
it´s the version "DT Pro 4.10.0218 Advanced.Version"

And the window exactly says that the data "DT ProHlp.dll" is not a valid Windows Program.

Thanks for helping

10.08.2010, 17:29
It is too old version. Install the latest DAEMON Tools Pro/Lite/Net.

10.08.2010, 17:36
ok thank you