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13.08.2010, 19:44
About a week ago my Daemon Tools Lite started acting up by showing a message that read something along the lines of "Daemon Tools Lite can only run on Windows 2000 and sptd 1.60 and above" whenever I started up my PC. This hasn't happened before to me before, so I tried to find solutions on the forums for such problems.

Unfortunately none of them have worked so far.

The solutions I have solved include:

Disabling sptd via key registry
Deleting sptd all together
Reinstalling the updated version of sptd
Uninstalling and reinstalling Daemon Tools Lite (DTLite4356-0091), however this earned me error code 14

I don't really know just how many people have managed to solve this problem, but apparently this doesn't just affect Daemon Tools as I tried some alternatives including Alcohol 52% and MagicISO, both of which had errors, and so I think I've narrowed the problem down to just being sptd.

I don't recall downloading any real significant data over the past week or two, and my anti-virus has never had a problem with Daemon Tools before, so unless it self updated and my anti-virus (AVG Free) recognized the new update as a virus of some sort and disabled components, that shouldn't be the case.

So...This is a bit of a tough nut to crack for me since I'm not all that experienced with computers. Help would be very much appreciated and thank you for your time.

13.08.2010, 23:56
Do you have ZoneAlarm toolbar installed ?

18.08.2010, 10:52
i have zone alarm security, how would i uninstall the toolbar?

18.08.2010, 13:49
As usual you would uninstall a software. Using Programs and Features (Win 7) or "Add or Remove software" (Win XP) in Control Panel.

19.08.2010, 00:38
would i need to uninstall the entire zonealarm or just the toolbar?

19.08.2010, 08:36
Just uninstall the toolbar.