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14.08.2010, 09:12
Hi i'm on 2'nd day of ur trial pro v 4.36.. My main purpose to download n try this is..
-1.I wanna open up my iso file into (mostly audio) into individual audio files the way they used to be before converting them to 1 iso image.
-2.I wanna open other formats of image files like nrg n convert them to individual files.
-3.I wanna rip some audio in DVD discs n see them as individual files. When i breakdown dvd files,it just separates into vob or ifo files,how can i then again split them as single audio file (Any fomat)
-4.Also came across these cso files,wat r these can ur program break them..
If so pls advise HOW..? Sorry cant figure it out.. Thanks Riky dodani

15.08.2010, 15:16
1. You can mount your ISO into DAEMON Tools' virtual drive and then copy the individual files back.
Another way would be to just extract the files of the ISO with WinRAR.

2. Yes, this works with DT Pro or Lite.

3. DAEMON Tools can't be used for that purpose. One of many methods:
- drag & drop your VOB file in tsMuxerGUI (http://www.videohelp.com/tools/tsMuxeR) and uncheck the video source file
- choose Demux as Output -> Start muxing

The resulting AC3 file can be converted to WAV with e.g. HeadAC3he (http://www.videohelp.com/tools/HeadAC3he)
- choose Source file, tick Resample to: 44.1 kHz, and in Options set Downmix Type to Stereo -> Start

If you have further questions about extracting DVD Audio please have a look at e.g. this thread (http://club.myce.com/f34/free-recorder-software-make-wav-files-314682/) as this subject actually doesn't belong in the DAEMON Tools support forum.

4. I have no PSP, but afaik PSP games/demos aren't distributed in CSO format. Please correct me if i'm wrong.
Anyway, this is no task covered by DAEMON Tools.

17.08.2010, 18:36
Thanks allot i think this shud help.. Will give it a try