View Full Version : Virtual drive prob

17.08.2010, 11:27
Hello i'm new here, and i have a little problem and i hoped that 1 or some of you could help!!

i have Deamon tools lite installed on my comp, but the prob is with the virtual drive.

i had this prob before and i couldnt get it fixed so i reinstalled my comp, everything worked fine til i installed DT lite!

with the virtual drive enabled my comp wont restart normally, it shuts down, starts back up only then it jams and my comp dosnt load to windows, but when i disable the drive it restarts perfect, i thought it was DT lite so i tried alcohol, but same problem!!

my os: windows7 ultimate 64bits

thnx in advance:cool:

17.08.2010, 11:55
Try to update SPTD to 1.72 (DuplexSecure - Downloads (http://www.duplexsecure.com/downloads))

17.08.2010, 12:41
that worked!! thnx alot:cool: