View Full Version : Possibility to trick Windows in thinking my IDE drive is SCSI or USB? (Starforce 3 related)

20.04.2004, 17:55
That would be a cool option in Deamon Tools just to trick a Starforce 3 backup. Would that be possible in any way? I have a notebook and it's impossible to phisically disable that drive. I read it isn't possible to run the backup otherwise. Not even from an image.

Cheers, MrX_Cuci

20.04.2004, 18:16
you can try (at your own risk) to disable the ide-controller directly

03.05.2004, 00:10
There is just one way more to get it working. It succes with my KT400/A chipset perfectly. This programm is TweakBIOS. I can switch out my IDE channel without to do this over bios directly. I created a menu under my XP sysem and start it over DOS with int19 rebooting, it's all included. But not so many IDE Controllers are support by this programm :(
Und die Weiterentwicklung ist wohl gestoppt worden.