View Full Version : SecuROM Help Please

24.08.2010, 02:30
I have an ISO program that won't run unless securom is ticked in DTLite 4.3.56.

I launch the program via a BAtch file, but the -secuROM on switch isn't working in fact it comes back with an error 'Unknown switch command in command line'

Anyone know what's going on, it doesn't matter where I place the switch in the bat file it always returns the error. What am I missing?


24.08.2010, 07:19
Technically ISO images doesn't work with SecuROM, you need MDS/MDF images with SecuROM profile.
Also emulation options are always active for images, those are only for burned media.

26.08.2010, 02:57
Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure I understand you.

The ISO image I have will not run unless securom is ticked on DTLite 4.3.56. So it obviously works with the ISO image and in fact the image will not run unless securom is ticked. What I am wondering and asking, is why the switch command -securom on, is returning an error when entered in the launching batch file? I have read other posts and the synatax I am using is what was suggested.