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24.08.2010, 16:19

When I try to add a SCSI drive, so I can mount anything, I get the error "daemon tools pro driver error: 3"
I have downloaded Daemon Tools Lite, but this error has persisted over several versions. I have a Windows 7 x64-bit Pacard Bell Easynote TJ62

I have searched a bit on google, but nothing related to error #3. First I had #-1, but I got rid of that by changing a setting during startup, that stopped some drivers from running. But that resulted in error #3

I am currently checking my PC with CCleaner, but nothing has turned up. What can I do? It is mightily anoying that i does not work.


26.08.2010, 15:39
Try uninstalling DT Pro and reinstalling, then try to update SPTD to the latest version. Also try to run DT Pro in Admin mode.

26.08.2010, 20:06
I'm what you'd call technologically imparied - Is SPTD a software doohickey that comes with a PC, as in various developers of various versions of the same utility, or is there only one developer? (In which cas I would have an easier time updating it)

27.08.2010, 07:52
SPTD is a driver which comes bundled with DT.
You can download SPTD setup from DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com).

10.12.2014, 10:53
I'm having the same symptom in version with SPTD 1.86 (Windows 7 Ultimate 64) trying to create a virtual DT drive. Creating virtual IDE or SCSI drives is no problem at all (besides the infamous duplication of such drives when booting, this however seems to be a known problem in this version), but creating DT drives leads to the "DAEMON Tools Pro driver error: 3" message... All else seems to work just fine. Looking for causes for this error message is a bit daunting, as the message itself gives no clues on where to look... Re-installing, even after cleaning registry and file system, unfortunately didn't help, neither did running with elevated privileges...

So I have two questions: 1. what known causes are there for this error message; 2. what technical reason is there to spit out this message?

09.02.2015, 06:24
Been getting this error message along with the blue screen of death, any ideas what it might be?