View Full Version : Newbie Securom Help Needed !!!

25.08.2010, 15:44
I have a disk which I wrote an ISO from using IMGburn, I currently dont have the disk with me cause am abroad and I have securom issues when I try to run it, I am on a netbook so no dvd drive available.

I can install the software but when I try to run it I get a securom error. I tried both slysoft virtualclone and demon tools.

I havent checked it out that much but just wondering is it even possible to be able to use this iso, or is it impossible ?

Help is very much appreciated.

Also which is better daemon tools lite or pro advanced trial? I can't afford at the moment.

25.08.2010, 16:03
Bad image, you have to recreate one using DT Pro.

25.08.2010, 16:22
whats the difference between an imgburn iso and daemon tools iso?

25.08.2010, 16:44
DT Pro produces mds/mdf or mdx and those two image types can contain protection related data, ISO not.