View Full Version : Windows XP desktop freezes after installing 4.35.6

26.08.2010, 21:54
Hi there,

I've been using DT for years and I never encountered this before:
I had to reinstall windows because I upgraded my system with a new MSI 870A-G54 mainboard and Phenom II X6 CPU and tried installing DT 4.35.6. After rebooting after the installation, the desktop will be shown and some programs executed but quickly the screen will freeze and I had to reset the PC.
Since I only installed DT before this happened, I assume it's caused by it but I cannot figure out how. Many people suggest that peripherals might cause such behaviour but I have not changed any of those. Could it be an incompatibility with a new Windows patch or my mainboard?


26.08.2010, 23:29
Hmm...nvm. It was Speedfan causing the trouble but it never did so before :confused: