View Full Version : Purchasing Daemon Tools Pro for use on a standalone, non-internet connected computer?

12.09.2010, 14:56
Hi all,

I have been using Daemon Tools Lite for about a week now, and i've decided that i'd like to actually pay for the program to get the Pro features (and, of course, also to support it's continued development).

The problem is, i run Daemon Tools Lite on a computer that is *not* connected to the internet (and i have no plans to ever connect it).

However, i am guessing that Daemon Tools Pro requires online activation, which just wouldn't be possible for the computer i wish to use it on. Is it possible to purchase Daemon Tools Pro without requiring an internet connection for the machine i intend to install it on?

15.09.2010, 02:31
You need to be connected to activate the product. With v4.36.0309 after every 60 days you need to verify that your installation is valid. Every 30 days prior to v4.36.0309. :frown: