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15.09.2010, 03:12

I am trying to install Daemon Tools Lite on a Windows XP laptop. When installing DT, it requests to install SPTD, and asks me to allow or block SPTD. I press allow and the SPTD installation starts.

Now, under the SPTD installation, a pop-up reading "Error code 5" is generated and the installer crashes. A second pop-up is hidden behind the first one, this says "Error code 6". After this, the installations terminate and the programme is not installed and will not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

15.09.2010, 03:15
Do you have any security software installed?

15.09.2010, 04:53
Yes, Outpost AntiVirus Pro 2009

15.09.2010, 05:01
(Double post since I cannot edit the post before this, it hasn't been approved yet)

After checking the antivirus settings, I am under the impression it does not cause this. I have, however, removed all its associations to SPTD installer and programs related to it, then tried installation, and SPTD returned error code 5 again.

Error code 6 is generated by Daemon Tools, error code 5 by SPTD

15.09.2010, 11:46
Did you try to disable Outpost while installing?

16.09.2010, 02:23
Yes, and this made no difference. I tried turning it off completely, I tried turning the Windows Firewall off, neither helped. What does Error code 5 refer to in SPTD?

16.09.2010, 11:58
Please list running processes using Task Manager.