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23.04.2004, 18:34
I used DVD Shrink to shrink a movie, so it can fit onto one cd. I then copy that to a DVD useing easy cd/dvd. I then try and play it in my home dvd player and it will not read the disk.

My dvd paly does read all the formats -r -rw and so on.

Can some one help and let me know what i am doing wrong

email is clark17_to@hotmail.com


23.04.2004, 22:49
Could you check this :

- Does your PC dvd player accept your backup ?

- Try to make DVD shrink create a ISO image rather than VOB files (you need your Hard disk to be in NTFS format) and mount the image with DAEMON, does the monted image works with your PC DVD player ? If yes you might be able to burn it with NERO or ALCOHOL or DVD DECRYPTOR and may be easy cd/dvd .


28.04.2005, 20:08
Use DVDshrink in conjunction with DVDdecryptor. In DVDshrink set it to "burn ISO with dvdecryptor". Works every time for me. dvdecryptor will automatically open and be ready to burn the ISO when dvdshrink gets through doing it's thing.