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18.09.2010, 01:33
I haven't had DT Pro Standard for long, but I've tried mounting four games so far. Two work fine-Shogo and Half-Life, the other two-Undying and Quake 2 I'm having the problems with. DT doesn't allow you to specify which file to open on mount and that's causing me problems getting them to work correctly.

I've created thread's in "DT Support" but haven't gotten answers yet.

18.09.2010, 11:35
Can you describe the error more in detail please.

18.09.2010, 13:20
It's not common to open multiple threads (=crossposting) for one and the same topic.
If you believe your threads have been overlooked/forgotten you can push them after a reasonable while,
and/or contact the official support team (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg/tech) - our primary support.

Thank you for your understanding :)

These are the threads:

18.09.2010, 14:04
Sorry for so many posts, I surprised that no one besides you two guys answer my questions. Where's the gamers when you need them?.

I have five images mounted now-E: Shogo, K: Half-Life, L: Timeshock!, M: NHL 2002 and N: Madden NFL 2001. :)

18.09.2010, 14:26
Sorry for so many postsNo reason to apologize, open as many threads as needed ;)
I was only refering to this thread here in which you call our attention to already existing, unanswered threads.
Just push your other threads if deemed neccessary, but please don't crosspost.

18.09.2010, 16:01
You can delete this thread, I'll post in the other threads I created.