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19.09.2010, 06:56
Hi all, I just downloaded DT lite for Win 7 64-bit and tried to make an image of my DVD, and it was horrible quality! It kept skipping, and the video was completely indistinguishable, with massive pixels everywhere and messed up color. The audio kept on skipping as well. Why is this image such horrible quality? Is sit because I put the setting on 12x (only taking 15 mins?) would putting it to 4x make the DVD watchable? Thanks for any replies :) (btw, is it possible to create an image which has the exact same quality as the DVD?) Thanks again.

19.09.2010, 11:06
I guess you are talking about a protected DVD-Movie?
The horrible picture is not due to a bad copy. Its the copy protection.
You need other programs suitable for copying protected DVD content.
DT can't do that.

19.09.2010, 16:25
Ah, ok thanks! I just want to make a backup of my dvd because my drive on my computer is playing it with bad frame rate when i full screen the movie. I didn't know it was protected like that, and since it's protected, I shouldn't be trying to copy it! Instead I'll try to fix the problem with my DVD drive (or get a faster one).

19.09.2010, 21:24
Hm, if you should try to copy you dvd depends on

a) you
b) the laws in your country


However, what do you mean with bad framerate?
Too fast? Too slow? Which framerate is the movie played at?
What Software Player do you use?