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21.09.2010, 01:24
Okay, so let me start this with I'm running this on a virtual machine running windows 2000 Professional SP4. The fact that it is a virtual machine means I doubt this is a hardware issue, and as it has been used in the past without issue, until today when I installed daemon tools, and since installing daemon tools I've had crashes every 5-10 minutes, I'm thinking it has something to do with the STPD 1.6 or whatever, that or daemon tools... Big issue is that I can't uninstall it because after the first crash it started acting like I never installed daemon tools, so uninstall doesn't work, and I see no daemon tools in my programs list, however, the folder is there in program files, and daemon tools runs fine(well minus this problem which is potentially caused by daemon tools) when launched manually, however no start menu or auto launch... oh and the drive is still there, however I disabled it(well set it to where there is no virtual drives) and crash persists... I've attached the minidump, please help, and excuse my long ramble...

21.09.2010, 01:27
Try to update manually to SPTD 1.74 using setup from DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com).

For uninstall of DT please check install folder for uninst.exe.

If you still get BSODs after installing SPTD 1.74, then uninstall SPTD using above setup and try again.

Minidump didn't said something about sptd except being loaded.

Your real pc is running fine without any errors?

21.09.2010, 01:37
Okay, still waiting to see if the crash continues with 1.72, as for daemon tools itself, if I click uninstall it gives me an error box that says "1", that's it, and if I use the install exe it detects the old installation and asks if I want to reinstall or uninstall, clicking uninstall gives me the same "1" error box, and reinstalling just says "unable to remove old installation"

Ok, don't mean to double post, but I'm not waiting all day for my last post to actually clear admin and post so, nm, I've found the cause, it wasn't daemon tools, and I thank you for your help

21.09.2010, 01:45
It might be good if you could tell us what the culprit was in case anybody else is having such problem.