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21.09.2010, 20:53

I have had an issue today whilst installing DT. I chose the "free" version as I need it to mount some sort of image of an old game.

Anyways. The problem is:
- I succesfuly downloaded DT, went through the installation process and rebooted my computer
- After rebooting, the SCSI/RAID or whatever showed up that I have a new hardware, I clicked that it should update but it didn't work
- I read the forums and since there must have been a problem in the installation process I uninstalled my DT
- After uninstalling and trying to install I get this message:
"Internal setup error.Error code: 14. Contact setup."

I also removed the new hardware from the device manager, rebooted the computer, shut down my anti vir (I have Avast) and ZA, but it doesn't help :(

Can someone help me, give an advice?:shocked:

21.09.2010, 23:07
Uninstall ZoneAlarm toolbar regarding Internal Error.