View Full Version : "Updating virtual devices" - what's happening?

22.09.2010, 15:09
This is not a problem per se, just something I noticed today.

On first run, DT always displays a message "Updating virtual devices". I noticed (based on the clock animation it displays) that one time it took ~45 secs to complete and another time it took ~2 mins to complete. This happened on clean and fully updated Win XP SP3 installs (which means clean DT installs as well), on the same physical machine. I'm wondering what could have caused this major time difference? What is happening during the time the message is displayed? I don't have any problems with DT itself, but this behavior somehow appeared odd to me. Is it normal?

22.09.2010, 15:14
During this time DT writes into registry, Windows is installing the drivers etc.