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25.09.2010, 07:52
I am ripping my hair out. I've been trying to install for hours and have read other threads of people with the same problem, but none of their solutions seem to apply to me.

When I try to install DT Lite, The installer pulls up, and as soon as I click next, a box pops up saying "Internal Setup Error. Error Code: 14. Contact Support."

I just installed Windows XP so I have NO anti-spyware systems or firewalls or anything installed, which seems to be most people's problem. XP came with Windows Firewall, but I disabled it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm going crazy.

25.09.2010, 07:56
Please post running processes using Task Manager.
Also try to update to SPTD 1.74 DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com).

25.09.2010, 08:19
Uh... I just tried to post a reply and it just disappeared. I don't know if a moderator has to approve it or something or if it just messed up. Posting again to be safe.

I already updated SPTD and it didn't help. I've also tried installing in Safe Mode and it didn't work.

There are A LOT of processes running in task manager. Do you know if there's any way for me to copy and paste them? I can't seem to find a way to do that. But it would take me a long long time to type them all.
Thanks for the help so far.

25.09.2010, 08:29
If you have XP Professional and not Home, there is an easy way:
Start -> Run -> cmd -> tasklist >c:\tasks.txt

Then you have all running processes iin c:\tasks.txt

25.09.2010, 08:45



25.09.2010, 10:03
Please scan your pc for viruses with Kaspersky. E.g. IExplarer is a virus.

27.09.2010, 19:46

I´m having the exact same problem. I had Daemon tools lite some time ago but had to uninstall it. Now when I try to install it gives me Internal setup error - Error code 14!

Can somebody help me out? Is there a way around the problem??? HELP!!!!

27.09.2010, 19:48
What's your security software?

27.09.2010, 19:57
ZoneAlarm and AVG

27.09.2010, 20:01
Uninstall ZoneAlarm toolbar.

27.09.2010, 20:26
E.g. IExplarer is a virus.Amongst many others :(

As your system seems to be very compromised i would even consider a fresh installtion.

27.09.2010, 20:55
Uninstalling the toolbar did not work.. I still have the same problem. :confused:

27.09.2010, 21:08
Please list running processes using Task Manager.