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26.09.2010, 19:24
Hello everyone,

So, I literally 2 hours ago just formatted my computer and reinstalled thanks to some nasty malware, and went to install Daemon tools lite again - keep in mind there is NOTHING ON MY COMPUTER. I have a buttload of disc images of old programs I saved and backup dvd's and such on a terabyte external, and want to watch them like before using DT. My last installation had no problems.

So, I find that DT lite won't install, the pc just keeps asking to be rebooted, I go to this guide: Re-Installing Daemon Tools Lite (and SPTD) on Windows 7 (http://geekswithblogs.net/apopovsky/archive/2009/08/14/re-installing-daemon-tools-lite-and-sptd-on-windows-7.aspx)

I have followed it, and every useful comment TO THE LETTER, but these registry keys will simply not delete. I've tried taking ownership, safe mode, EVERYTHING that was listed, and still these danmed keys simply say "Error while deleting" and don't go away.

Since I can't delete the keys, I can't use DT, and therefore, my big collection of stuff is all junk.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance, Tal.

26.09.2010, 20:11
Did you set start value to 4 and then rebooted before trying to delete the key?

26.09.2010, 21:31
Hah! Was able to get it deleted via a third party program that enables deltetion of null registry files.... it was a battle but it got done :)

30.09.2010, 06:20
via a third party program

Which registry editor is this, I always like to try random sharewares, haha http://img.forum.daemon-tools.cc/icons/icon10.gif