View Full Version : services.exe goes 100% when I try to create a virtual drive

25.04.2004, 03:12
Operating System: WinXP SP1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Anti-Vir
DAEMON Tools Version: Latest 3.46

Extrange thing, 2 days ago I reinstaled WinXP and then I reinstall Daemon, but when It try to create a virtual drive to mount anything, the services.exe goes 100% usage of CPU and I cant do nothing than reboot. It makes the same thing if I try to create a virtual drive with Alcohol, maybe its some service that I have/have not running on my system but I dont know. If I left Alcohol without any drive It works fine, and services.exe Its normal...

Thanks for help

26.04.2004, 00:13
Ok, It works, It was the WinXP Pro versi—Én, I reinstaled with the CD of a friend and goes everything fine and at the first try. I dont know why but I had problems with daemon, some services, slown startup aun audigy drivers and at the end the problem was the XP...