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04.10.2010, 07:36
DT Pro Standard v4.36.0309 (no other version used prior).

Using DT Pro Image Editor, I created an image to burn to an 8x DVD-R. It successfully burns the image and finalizes the disc, but when it comes time to verify the disc it get to 3% and produces an error (verification error). I tried burning it twice and the same thing happened both times. :mad:

04.10.2010, 08:35
Can an image contain an image?. The files I'm burning to DVD-R are Quake II Files, with an mdx image of the QII CD.

04.10.2010, 08:42
All the files are equal - they are just the sequence of bytes.
You need better quality DVD-R (or better quality burner) (or lower write speed) perhaps.

04.10.2010, 10:55
I'm using Verbatim DVD-Rs. In the next few days, I'll take the time to update the drives firmware, it fixes quite a few things...

HLDS GWA-4164B 16X DVD(+/-)R/RW +DL Drive Firmware Update

# Fix/Enhancement: Improves compatibility with Nero, Roxio, and Sonic CD/DVD recording software.
# Resolves VCD and DVD playback issues.
# Resolves System Recovery CD/DVD issues with Imation(FujiFilm) 8X DVD-R and DVD+R DL media.
# Resolves exact copy issues with DVD-R DL and DVD-RW media.
# Resolves writing issues with DVD+R and DVD+R DL media.
# Adds support for additional DVD-R and DVD+RW media.
# Improves compatibility with other optical disk drives.
# Improves disc writing strategies.

04.10.2010, 13:16
Unfortunately it's already using the latest version, so it won't fix my problem.