View Full Version : daemon-script problem

25.04.2004, 11:32
Operating System: winxp
Burning Software: alcohol120
Anti-virus Software: anti-vir
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

Halo @ all,
thats my first post and i hope its not wrong cause it has to do with daemon script.
This little program does not work for me, either to one of my friends which i have asked to try it out.
All emulation options commands i add to a script dont work. The emulation stays the same all the time.
Mounting images works and all the other stuff i tried (unmounting and so on).
A cool but very slow solution for me is a dos batch script, but daemon script would be much comfortable.

I hope someone can help me


25.04.2004, 12:57
All emulation checkbox's use a tri-state check. So you can enable, disable or "not set" an emulation. Maybe you have them all set to "not set"? For not set, the check should appear greyed or not fully checked.

25.04.2004, 17:47

Thanks, i didnt understand those buttons