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Sub Zaro
11.10.2010, 03:22
I downloaded Daemon Tools Lite a 2 years ago and it worked perfectly fine. I just started using it this month and uninstalled the old version and reinstalled the newer version. This time, I noticed that I could mount images but I wasn't able to use them. There is no drive letter on the virtual drive, it won't show up on my computer, and if I try to set it on Device Parameters, it tells me " engine error code: 8". I've surfed the web for solutions, and none of them have worked so far. I checked my registry for upper and lower filters and have reinstalled Daemon Tools and restarted my computer multiple times. When I go to Device Manager, it senses the virtual drive, but when I check the driver details, there are none and it says that it is working fine. I've tried updating the virtual driver but it never works, because it never finds the correct file. I hae Windows XP, and I hope someone can help. :confused:

11.10.2010, 08:56
"Engine error code: 8" error means that some software (antivirus, firewall, etc.) blocks DAEMON Tools work.
Try to disable/uninstall your antivirus protection and check the problem.
Also check if you are able to assign drive letter via standard Windows tools. Go to "Disk Management" -> right click on the drive which has no drive letter -> click "Change Drive Letter and Paths..." menu item to change/assign drive letter.

Sub Zaro
12.10.2010, 00:53
No luck. When I go to Disk Management, it only shows my local disk drives (C and D), and my External Hard Drive (H). When I right click on the unnamed drive, it only shows the "help" option. However, when I right click my other drives, it shows all the options. I noticed that my CD and DVD Drives, E and F, show in Windows Explorer but not Disk Management. Maybe it's just that there's nothing in them at the time. There's no improvement if I turn off McAfee's Firewall and Real-Time Scanning. Do I have to restart my system for those changes to take effect? Anyways,if there's any other solutions, I'd like to hear them.:frown: