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11.10.2010, 06:51
I recently was working on my HP MediaSmart server running the *fabulous* Windows Home Server... I installed Daeon Tools Lite which worked perfectly, then I changed my antivirus to F-Prot because it seemed to work well for others suffering with Home Server (Not everything works on Home Server and not all of us can afford $30,000 Dell's with the latest software for home or small business use!)

F-Prot in it's initial full scan reported several items as viruses and qurantined the files, including both the x86 and x64 versions of the installed program - this was LONG after any unpacking of the Daemon files...

I knew about false positives in F-Prot, it found a couple real viruses which it deleted, and I simply restored the quarantined files to their rightful place, since other viruse scanners I have used said they were fine.

So, maybe instead of calling F-Prot some derogatory name, consider the situation of the user trying to utilize the great tools you support. Also, your Daemon Tools lite crashes my network in XP running within VMWare, so your programs re not perfect either...

11.10.2010, 07:37
You should tell us which version of DT are you running (I don't think you are running DT 3.33).