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30.10.2010, 18:27
I have a game as a .iso file. I currently use Daemon Tools Lite for mounting the file.

What I want to know is: Once the file is mounted, if I exit the game do I need to unmount and remount the "image" in order to return to the game?

Also, is there a way to "install" a .iso file, much the same way I would install a program that I have on disc so that I can access it by clicking on an icon on my desktop?

Thanks for reading and offering tips.


30.10.2010, 18:41
No need to remount.

Mounting through command line is possible, so create a shortcut on desktop with necessary parameters.

31.10.2010, 03:10
hi daveid45 and Blazkowicz

if the game uses any sort of cd protections u must make sure the disc image ( in your case .iso file ) is mounted first prior to playing the game

question 2
once you mount the disk image it would be exactly the same as when u place the original cd in the computers cd drive

u must note most games use cd protections that cant be stored in an iso file if thats the case you have to resort to other formats other than .iso


theres a program at the above link that that can :

1. mount your disc image to a virtual drive
2. then run your game
3. then waits for you to finish playing the game
4. then unmount the disc image from the virtual drive

all from one shortcut on your desktop


31.10.2010, 15:05
also, making mds/mdf format instead of iso is also recommended (iso can not store protection signature information for example.. making it a bad format for protected images).