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31.10.2010, 11:28
Is there any drive you can recommend for DPM measuring?
I tried Medal of Honor special edition and got a 9 kb .mds file out. Not working, backup is detected (even with cloaked drives).
I got me the .mds from GCW and all is fine (14 KB).. I would like to buy a drive that properly supports DPM measurement and would be happy if you guys could give me a good hint. Due to the fact that alot of SROM clones get released I guess there must be some good drives for the job. Thanks in advance.

My current drives are:
PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111D (takes hours from DPM stuff!)
TSSTcorp SH-S182 (used to create the MOH image that didnt work)

Thanks in advance.

31.10.2010, 17:01
TSSTcorp SH-S182 (used to create the MOH image that didnt work)
Which program and settings did you use ?
I'm asking because according to this post (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f24/dvd-laufwerke-16247/#post79983) that drive (if not worn out/defective) should work for DPMs.

31.10.2010, 17:38
I used the current alcohol 120% as trial with "Securom" profile. Indeed the TSSTcorp SH-S182 is enlisted in the alcohol compatibility list but I have revision "D". The one from the post your directed too is "M".

01.11.2010, 12:49
Afaik D and M models share the same chipset - only difference is that M have Lightscribe.

Anyway, have you already tried different DPM speed settings ?

Please also stop all dispensable programs/services (at least the demanding ones), or in general: create as little CPU load as possible and leave the PC alone during the DPM.
If that doesn't help please also try with DAEMON Tools Pro, New SecuROM profile.

Regarding your original question: i haven't purchased a drive the last 12 months, so i can't recommend a current model based on my own experience.
But my guess (no guarantee ;)) is that current LGs with Reneseas chipset, LiteOns with Mediatek or NEC chipset and Sony Optiarcs with NEC chipset are capable - of course there are also others.

01.11.2010, 12:52
Thanks Terramex.
Can the DT staff maybe recommend drives for the job?
I guess the developers or support staff could make excellent recommendations due to the DT qa process. I am thankfull for any kind of hint.

01.11.2010, 14:26
LG GH20NS10 is producing excellent DPMs here on my computer.

01.11.2010, 14:59
Some people told that any DVD Region should be specified for the virtual drive for MOH.
In case the image was created very fast, it seems that your drive cannot slow down reading speed and most probably such image will not work.
Toshiba SD-M1712 drive is good device for creating of disc images with DPM info as for me.
Optimal DPM speed is 6-8x I think. Nothing wrong if you use lower speed, it just takes more time for disc imaging.

01.11.2010, 15:46
In case the image was created very fast, it seems that your drive cannot slow down reading speed and most probably such image will not work.
In contrast to CDs you usually get better DVD measurements using Maximum speed.
It's no rule without exception (i also still have an ancient SD-M 1712 ;)), but mostly true.

Just one final remark: my "latest" drive capable of good DPMs is a Sony Optiarc AD-7240S.
Still some reasonably priced *NEW* offers at ebay - btw. where are you from ?

01.11.2010, 15:59
Also PX-B940SA is very good and fast. Currently devs are working on the support of that drive.

01.11.2010, 16:38
Ok.. The price for the PX-B940SA is a bit outstanding atm. The other drives mentioned (LG GH20NS10, Sony Optiarc AD-7240S,Toshiba SD-M1712) are ok. I think I will get me either an LG or Optiarc but maybe someone else contributes drives beside these. Lets see!

@Terramex - Germany.

02.11.2010, 15:11
@Terramex - Germany.Ok, then you have a relatively wide choice at ebay or even some remainder at a retailer.

My first choice would be the LG GH20NS10 or LG GH20NS15 (or the equivalent Lightscribe models GH20LS10/15).

If only because of the slow recommended DPM speed (and the age!) i wouldn't go for the Toshiba.
Beyond that the DPM files of the LG and Optiarc IMO are better than the Toshiba ones - at least for DVDs.

P.S.: In a thread in the Customer forums a user also mentions the GH22NS40 as a good DPM device

07.11.2010, 20:23
Ok. I ordered the LG GH20NS10. Hopefully the DPM measuring stuff will be fine with it..Thanks for all recommendations ;)

21.11.2010, 18:16
Ok.. Lately I also bought a OptiArc AD-7240S. The LG i ordered wasnt the one i got. I got a GH22NS50 delivered. The LG works quite good and fast for image creation.. I tried the OptiArc with some older securom title today (Call of Juarez) but it seems DT starts the dpm measurement and just freezes. I retried that several times. 0 Byte .mds is created but no action after that anymore (even the gui just updates time but the percents stay at 0). Even cancelling the whole thingy doesnt seem to work anymore. It just looks that the drive gets accessed and the whole thing freezes (although it seems that the drive aint accessed after about a minute anymore).I also tried different dpm speeds, same result. Anyone an idea what goes wrong here?

21.11.2010, 18:25
Same issue with other titles (e.g. your MoH) ?
You still have the LG and DPM works with Call of Juarez ?

21.11.2010, 19:24
I currently have the LG and OptiArc sitting in my pc. I did a couple of working images with the LG.
Today i tried the 1st image with the OptiArc and this problem appears. Didnt try the OptiArc with an other title yet.

I finally created the image with the LG drive (however, max dpm speed made the dpm creation freeze at 49%, i tried it with lowest dpm speed after that and it worked). So its not about this title, moreover the OptiArc that seems to freeze during dpm creation.

22.11.2010, 14:37
It's not often, but sometimes few titles can't be measured properly in drives that are usually capable while they're doing fine in other drives. I don't say this is the case for sure with Call of Juarez - but it could be.

So please first test another title before looking for another cause.
Some time ago i made a thorough DPM test with that drive series in the Customer forums without problems - whether it be old or new SecuROM titles:

Immortal Cities - Children of the Nile, 684MB, v5.03.13
DPM Dauer (4x): 23:26 Min, (48x): 6:04 Min.

Yager, 4.04GB, v4.85
DPM Dauer (16x): 8:11 Min.

F.E.A.R., 4.19GB, v7.11.0009
DPM Dauer (16x): 8:47 Min.

Race07, 5.32GB, v7.33.0015
DPM Dauer (12x): 12:46 Min.

Supreme Commander, 5.43GB, v7.30.0014
DPM Dauer (12x): 13:19 Min.

Borderlands, 6.09GB, v7.40.0009
DPM Dauer (12x): 14:15 Min.Please also provide information about your Motherboard (& Chipset/SATA drivers in use) and which SATA ports the drives are connected to.

With the attached file you can create a log that may help to find the cause:

1. Please, download attached file "DTProLogging.zip" and save it to your hdd.
2. Extract files from the archive.
3. Find standart Windows Command Prompt and run it as Administrator.
4. In Command Prompt window go to the folder where you saved files from "DTProLogging.zip". To do so, execute CD command.
For example:
cd c:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTProLogging
5. Start "startlog.bat" command file. Just type startlog.bat and press Enter in Command Prompt window. Do not close this console window.
6. Reproduce the problem you have reported.
7. Turn back to Command Prompt window and start "stoplog.bat" command-file (just type stoplog.bat and press Enter).
8. Find automatically created "logs.zip" file and send us the file.