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02.11.2010, 01:24
i was using daemon tools lite quite easily then when i went to reinstall a better version it stuffed it up now i cant install it because whenever i try it says 'Internal Setup Error. Error code 14' im not sure what to do ive completely deleted it from my hardrive and tried to reinstall and still nothing.

02.11.2010, 09:55
Please specify your security software.

02.11.2010, 13:48
Same problem here as well.

I am using ZoneAlarm Security Suite. I turned it off but still having the same error.

I am trying to install Daemon Tools Pro Advanced.

Please advise.

02.11.2010, 14:03
Do you have ZoneAlarm Toolbar installed? It may cause the problem.

11.11.2010, 17:14
how do u unistall zonealarm toolbar? i disabled it in firefox, disabled browser security in ZA, shut down ZA, ended the the process ISWSVC.exe manually and after all that the stupid process just restarts intself! even with ZA closed

11.11.2010, 17:21
You uninstall it using "Add or Remove Programs" in XP and in Vista and 7 "Programs and Features"