View Full Version : V386 Stealth DVD drive remains after uninstallation

dark jojo
22.12.2002, 05:58
Operating System: Windows 98 Second Edition
Daemon-Tools Version: Latest

After running a registry cleaning program I got the infamous "No Language Support" error at Windows startup. After checking this websites FAQ I did as directed and uninstalled and then reinstalled Daemon-Tools. Although now I had two Virtual drives now. I then disabled the virtual drives through the options menu and still one drive remained. So I went ahead and uninstalled Daemon-Tools to see if both drives would be removed. Unfortunetly this was not the case. Drive G still remains and has an image mounted to it. I went ahead and moved the image to a different folder and now there are no images mounted to the drive. I have tried installing, uninstalling, and repairing Daemon-Tools several times and the drive will not go away no matter what. I even tried removing it manually through the Control Panel -> System -> CD-ROM menu but the drive just reappears at startup. Does anybody know how I get remove this phantom drive?

23.12.2002, 07:42
Are you sure your drive is from Daemon Tools? When you uninstall from Control Panel all drives shoul disappear automatically. Check in device manager what SCSI controllers you have.

dark jojo
23.12.2002, 17:26
I just found an old post in these forums which described my exact problem and suggested that I remove any unnecessary SCSI controllers. I removed the only controller and BAM the drive was gone. Hooray!