View Full Version : Unable to install DT Pro on W7 x64

04.11.2010, 06:52
I am trying to evaluate daemon-tools to see if it works under W7 x64. Unfortunately every time I try to install the software I get stuck at trying to communicate to the internet to activate the trial. This is before entering any information in the installation process. I have tried installing after a clean boot and still not able to install the program. MY internet works fine and I have disabled any spyware and antivirus software before the installation to see if it will install. All firewall settings are disabled unless there is something else I am missing.



04.11.2010, 08:16
Please specify your DAEMON Tools version.
Post exact error message or attach a screenshot.

04.11.2010, 09:36
Here is the screenshot. I am trying to install Pro Advanced and I don't use any proxies in my network.

04.11.2010, 09:39
Same PRoblem as OP. Getting the following issue:

DAEMONToolsPro4360309-0160.exe downoaded form website.

After entering the CD Key i get a popup with:

Invalid server response
[connection settings] [retry] [cancel]

04.11.2010, 09:44
Sorry here is the proper image link. this after selecting trial in the options.


04.11.2010, 09:55
Activation server is down for maintenance. Please try to active DT later. Sorry for inconvenience!

11.11.2010, 01:45
This solved the problem, however over time it seams your activation server seems to be unreliable. if the software wants to validate the activation and can't. Kind of deters me from evaluating the product with these hiccups.