View Full Version : DAEMON Tools Pro version 4.40.0311 released!

11.11.2010, 16:16
Dear DT community,

The new version of DAEMON Tools Pro has been released today:
DT Pro version 4.40.0311.0197 Advanced (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/dtproAdv)and Standard (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/dtproStd)Edition! :D

We hope you will be happy with all changes that were made in this version!

What's new:

Mounting image files to physical IDE/SATA devices via advanced attaching functionality;
SPTD 1.75 (Advanced Emulation);
Image burning with RMPS data;
Image Catalog access via Windows Explorer;
Customization of context menu for images and virtual devices;
Support of Portable Installation;
Authorization request when mounting network shared images;
Languages updates.

Bugs fixed:

Unable to start adapter after first installation on fresh Windows;
Switching to Sleep Mode while disc burning;
Not saving DVD Region of a device after reboot;
Nonoptimal CPU using;
Handles' leaks in Sidebar Gadget;
Some minor bugs.