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12.11.2010, 19:14
I noticed that the new DT Pro version adds Image Catalog directly to Windows explorer. Is there an easy way to remove/disable it?

18.11.2010, 15:49
My Explorer was a bit unstable for a few days after installing DTPro and I'm suspecting Image Catalog Add-on. So seriously, is there a way to remove it ?...

19.11.2010, 15:58
Follow these steps to remove Image Catalog extension from Windows Explorer:

1. Download attached archive.
2. Unpack it.
3. Execute corresponding reg-file depending on your OS (x64/x86).
4. Turn off shell integration in DTPro preferences.
5. Turn on shell integration.

20.11.2010, 13:36
Thanks Sway.

25.11.2010, 09:03
I was going to post a new thread but since this one is actually reporting the same thing, I will add it here.

There's a nasty bug in the Image Catalog Shell Folder extension that affects explorer.exe. Windows explorer windows randomly freeze when I right click on them and occasionally the taskbar freezes as well when I click on it... I managed to isolate the issue specifically to the shell folder extension. Disabling this extension alone fixes the issue.

I am attaching a ShellExView report in html format in case you need to check what other shell extensions are running. If I can help in any way else feel free to poke me.

OS is Windows 7 x64

There's no reason to disable all shell integration. One can use ShellExView (or dig manually into the registry if you know what you're doing) to disable the specific extension and retain all previous functionality (as a temporary workaround).

25.11.2010, 09:35
Nodens, thank you for report!
We will research this issue.

24.01.2011, 10:58
Do we have any news on this? It is still happening on .312. Do you have trouble reproducing?

05.06.2011, 11:53
I can confirm that this is still happening on Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1 w/ DT Pro Advanced v.4.41.0314.0232. Explorer.exe, Desktop, and the Taskbar randomly freezes until turning off the "NameSpace" extension. So this has been happening for 2 versions huh? :redface: :confused:

11.08.2011, 03:11
Yes..perhaps they have trouble reproducing it..

Could you post a log of your shell extentions so we can compare?

12.08.2011, 02:22
I stayed in contact with the devs after I initially reported this when my explorer.exe kept crashing. Im not near my PC at the moment so I'll need a rain check on posting the shell extensions that I'm running. Good news though, one of the devs emailed me two days ago saying they've fixed the freezes, so...fingers crossed...

12.08.2011, 03:04
Good news indeed!

21.08.2011, 19:18
Looks like it is fixed in the latest version:)

29.08.2011, 04:59
Thank God, I can't wait to test it now...:)