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19.11.2010, 14:22
When I used to use DT Lite, I could create global hotkeys for various tasks - such as unmounting all drives. However, now that I've upgraded to (and paid for!) DT Pro, this functionality appears to be missing. I've found the ability to set hotkeys within the DT Pro control panel, however that is the extent of them.

Are they hidden somewhere, or is this functionality truly missing? I do hope I'm in error, as to pay for the full product and receive a reduction in functionality would be utterly criminal.

19.11.2010, 14:41
Forwarded to devs.
BTW if you change your forum email address to the one over at disc-soft.com, I can give you customer tag, so your posts wouldn't be moderated anymore and therefore your posts would show up immediately.

19.11.2010, 14:45
Thank you, unfortunately the email address associated with my account is no longer active (pre exim sub-mailboxes; lots of spam) and it would appear that I can't change it (I suppose that is because it also forms my username).

19.11.2010, 14:47
Now the following hotkeys are present in DTPro main application:

Ctrl+N ---> Make disc image
Ctrl+I ---> Add images
Ctrl+F ---> Search images
Ctrl+Q ---> Exit
Ctrl+M ---> Mount
Ctrl+Alt+M ---> Unmount
Ctrl+L ---> Load
Ctrl+J ---> Eject
Ctrl+Alt+R ---> Reset to default
F1 ---> Online Help
F5 ---> Refresh

I hope global hotkeys will be implemented in nearest versions.

19.11.2010, 14:57
What version do these appear in? Unfortunately, my upgrade period has me limited to 4.35.0308 due to a chronic lack of funding.

A one-off upgrade to whatever version these appear in would be appreciated, given that it seems they really should've been available in Pro from the get-go, considering their availability in the free version.

Nonetheless, thank you for your (timely) clarification to this point.

19.11.2010, 15:01
Hm, I've noticed you mention hotkeys there that could only possibly be used within the DT control panel (such as F5 and F1). As such, to clarify, the applicable hotkeys that you have posted are, in fact, global?

19.11.2010, 15:06
They aren't global. Sway misunderstood you.

19.11.2010, 15:11
Unfortunately, these hotkeys are not global. They can be used in DTPro main application (when DTPro main window is in focus). These hotkeys are present in all latest DTPro versions including v4.35.0308. They were indicated in main menu until v4.35.0306. Now they are not there (it's a bug), but they work as well.

Possibility to implement global hotkeys will be discussed with devs.