View Full Version : A question about DT and BWA's

29.04.2004, 22:18
Operating System: 98SE
Burning Software: lots
Anti-virus Software: AVir
DAEMON Tools Version: 346

well it seemed like a 'support' question...

me pretty me was juggling around with CS:ConditionZero this evening, securom 5.00.03. I made an Alcohol image and a BW5 image. The .mds works with DT, the .b5t doesn't. I also made a .bwa, same name, same dir... and if i load the .mds into the BWABuilder, they're the same SO closely i'll just call'em that.

My question: does DT take into account the .bwa files with .b5t images? I'm looking for an explanation here, whoever can - please give me one.

30.04.2004, 01:14
No, bwa won't be loaded if you mount b5t. If b5t contains dpm/topology data it will be used in dtools.

01.05.2004, 19:32
well i've found at least one SecuRom5 protected game (german version of 'Knights of the Temple') with which i cannot get BW5 to do a topology read no matter what i try (and tweak). This disk's got an 'uncommon' structure, and it's VSO's fault anyway, but .bwa is definetely more precise (and just plain 'more', than 120.000 sectors, that is) than .b5t... any thoughts on thinking about changing that (using .bwa if present, above .b5t topology information)? Of course i can use .bwa with (old) .bwt images, but that's just sort of... ugly, i'd say. Feels sort of lame :)