View Full Version : daemon tools pro driver error:-2

03.12.2010, 02:24
i have been searching in Google for days and i cant seem to find the solution.

This error only comes out after I solve the error : 'Daemon tools pro driver error:-1'

which is just press F8 and disable (for driver error 1) [ok...]

When i start running the program again doing the same actions they would have 'Daemon tools pro driver error:-2'

Is there any way to solve this?

[i just hope the errors dont keep poping out after error 2 then error 3 followed by 4 , 5 ......1000++]

I'm using Vista and daemon tools pro and i also have daemon tools lite

i dont remember which version of daemon tools lite i was using as i cannot find the folder in my computer anymore.

03.12.2010, 15:43
1. Please specify your DT version.
2. Do you use Advanced Emulation mode?
3. Did you try to reinstall the program?

11.02.2014, 03:04
I had the same problem, so I uninstalled Daemon. But I couldn't re-install it, because the site was down or something.
So I used another program to try and open the file, and the other program told me the file was invalid and missing stuff.
It's probably a problem with the file, not Daemon.