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04.12.2010, 01:35

I hope this is that right place to post.
I am a user of Comodo Internet Security (version 5), and when i was installing Astroburn free i got this pop up, and when i starting using i got a new pop up (screenshot).
No problem i just skipped the application, because i know it was a safe file, but i just wanted to let you guys know.
Maybe you can do something about this, if you confirm it is really a problem.

Many thanks

06.12.2010, 12:33
Hello Peter5,

DAEMON Tools products have similar problems with Comodo software.
You can find information about DAEMON Tools and Comodo compatibility in Comodo forum:


Please note, HIPS system allows you to catch potentially dangerous actions from apps, but not all of these actions are really dangerous for your system.

07.12.2010, 19:01
Many thanks Sway