View Full Version : Daemon is mounting wrong iso

04.12.2010, 12:02
Hey guys!
I am pretty new to deamon, but I mounted a lot of succesfull iso's, so that's all good.
Today, however, I encountered a problem:
I once mounted Dirt 2. I deleted the ISO and the game.
Now, I am trying to mount NFS Hot pursuit, but when I mount the NFS ISO daemon somehow automatically mounts Dirt 2.
Strange huh?
So: I mount the nfs hot pursuit iso, and instead it mounts dirt 2 (Even though the ISO or the game itself aren't even on my pc).

I would really like some help, because I can't think of anything.

05.12.2010, 01:21
Did you restart/reinstall DT or reboot your PC?

05.12.2010, 14:41
Yeah I did.
Also deleted all of my temp files and defragmentated the disks, etc.
Every other iso works great, but this one doesn't.
It's really, really weird.

05.12.2010, 16:25
Do you have a DVD drive in that PC ?

05.12.2010, 19:18
I do have a DVD drive, yes.

05.12.2010, 20:42
I personally would simply install the game with the original DVD -> Activate online -> Play
Why instead two days fiddling around with an ISO ?

Anyway, it seems to be rather a cache problem of your OS than of DAEMON Tools.