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05.12.2010, 05:28
i already search this forum with keyword "secure mode",
but there are no post explaining what secure mode is.
i also googlin, but only found problem about it.

i'm using DTlite 4.35.6 on Windows XP SP3.
when i look at general tab on preference,
there is no option about secure mode,
while my friend's computer,
that running DTlite 4.30 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit,
does have it...

what's the problem with my installation?

thank's before...

05.12.2010, 12:04
Current versions don't have secure mode.

06.12.2010, 06:35
ow, i see...
but why does it removed?
is it feature that only exist in paid version?
or is there some problem with this feature?

btw, thanks for your reply :)

06.12.2010, 09:54
This option was renamed to "Enable command line options". In the next versions it will be removed from GUI at all. But it will be available for changing in registry.