View Full Version : Daemon tools & Securom !

07.12.2010, 12:20
OK guys this is the first time iv come across this problem before... especially the image im trying to mount being so old.. im trying to mount a Oblivion GOTY image.

Seeing that im running Daemon tools advanced edition version 4.36, and this game being released years ago I was hoping I wouldnt run into this problem..

OK, So far iv gone into:

Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Ticked Securom

Unmounted & Remounted image

Even deleted the virtual drive and reinstalled..

No luck so far ! Extremely frustrating.. also all the topics are really outdated !

Please help !!

07.12.2010, 16:56
What exactly is your problem ?
How have you created your Oblivion GOTY image ?

Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Ticked Securom
Just leave those advanced settings alone as they're not required for mounted images.

12.12.2010, 16:16
what exactly happens..? do you get some securom error message or othewise.. more information helps.. and if i remember right oblivion just protected the launcher, not the main exe.. i may be wrong, thinking of fallout but i think oblivion was similar..