View Full Version : Unable to unmount image. Not enough memory.

23.12.2010, 17:08
Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 SP2
Daemon Tools Lite
SPTD Version: 1.58

Can't unmount image, get "Unable to unmount image. Not enough memory"

I don't know what it means by memory, this is a virtual machine (a Virtuozzo container) with 512MB alloted but that is not the issue, the hardware node has 8 processors. There is 10GB of free HD space. It says in Task Manager there is 340MB of memore available, performance shows 1% CPU useage.

Can't uninstall, get "Setup is unable to validate installation"

I tried uninstalling via shortcut in Start Menu, it is not in Add or Remove Programs. I tried uninstall via installing and selecting uninstall and get same message.

I rebooted to no avail.

Please help. I've never seen it work and would like to uninstall it but can't. Neither can I delete the ISO file it is locked onto.


23.12.2010, 17:29
Remove DAEMON Tools Lite folder manually. Then install the latest SPTD and DTLite versions.

23.12.2010, 17:35
That's IT?! That's all I had to do? Sigh... Which icon is the one that shows me feeling stupid? Thanks so much! :-)

23.12.2010, 18:08
You're welcome :D