View Full Version : Daemon Tools Lite Radio Problem

28.12.2010, 22:53
For some reason, I can no longer load any of the radio stations on the toolbar when I search for them, no matter what genre. Anyone know why this is? I'm running the latest version and I'm running Windows 7.

30.12.2010, 09:41
It seems there is some problem with corresponding service. Will be researched..

09.01.2011, 11:59
also in newest toolbar same problem ... what is wrong ? when I install that day works,and tomorow ,it didn't work ?

10.01.2011, 09:11
Is this problem reproducible for you now?

13.01.2011, 11:08
I notice when I use ccleaner that all station from my list has gone ? and I can't use for search it again.. sometimes suddenly it is posible ,but I don't know why ???