View Full Version : Batch file command line help please

30.12.2010, 18:00
I created this batch file:

DTAgent.exe -unmount 0
DTAgent.exe -unmount 1
DTAgent.exe -unmount 2
DTAgent.exe -unmount 3
DTAgent.exe -unmount 4
DTAgent.exe -unmount 5
DTAgent.exe -mount 0,"d:\games\byskateboard.nrg"
DTAgent.exe -mount 1,"d:\games\bysoccer.nrg"
DTAgent.exe -mount 2,"d:\games\Scooby-DooFPP.nrg"
DTAgent.exe -mount 3,"d:\games\OddParents.iso"
DTAgent.exe -mount 4,"d:\games\Buzz2G.iso"
DTAgent.exe -mount 5,"d:\games\RAT2.iso"

I need to have those games mounted but not run automatically after mount. Can someone tell me how to do that please?

30.12.2010, 19:49
Disable Autoplay for virtual drive.

AutoPlay Settings - Vista Forums (http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/78021-autoplay-settings.html)

30.12.2010, 20:43
I'm using Windows XP to do this and I want to input disabling autorun or autoplay with a command in the batch file and not doing it via a setting on the PC.

I like your suggestion though and could do that as a back up idea so thank you. I appreciate it.

04.01.2011, 18:42
I got that squared away. I have another issue now though. I want the batch file to unmount not just the images but desktop icons of those games the images represent as well. I also want to create a second batch file that mounts new imaged games with those representing desktop icons as well as replacements for the first batch file games. Can someone help me with that please?