View Full Version : The computer freeze when the virtual device updates

30.12.2010, 20:18
Hi! I have tried to download many different versions of deamon tools but every time the install is finnished and the virtual device tries to update the computer freeze and I cannot do anything. I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and have tried to update SPTD to version 1.75 too and tried to run the program as a administrator but the same thing happens and the computer freezes. I would appreciate some help as soon as someone have a tip.

Thank you!

31.12.2010, 09:01
Do you use any security software? Some security software may block STPD work.

31.12.2010, 12:25
I use Norman Security Suite and I have the windows firewall on if that's what you mean. I also have McAfee security scan plus. Do you think any of these can be the problem?

31.12.2010, 13:41
Having 2 AVs installed is very bad, please uninstall one and try then again.

31.12.2010, 14:04
Does Mcafee Security Scan plus count as a Anti Virus program? I think I got it when I registered Norman Security Suite and as i understands it Mcafee security Scan plus only searches the computer and checks that I have a Anti Virus program and so on so can that really be the problem?

Thanks for your answers!

31.12.2010, 15:33
According to description site:

Detects malware, trojans, and potentially unwanted programs in running processes and modules loaded by these processes. It also scans browser history and cookies

31.12.2010, 16:11
I have now uninstalled Mcafee Security Scan Plus and still the same thing happens when i install Daemon tools, nothing happens on the "updating virtual devices" screen and I cannot start any other program at the same time either so I have to restart the computer. If I start daemon tools after the restart the same thing happens again. I have now tried another program with the same functions (Alcohol 120%) to see if it works but the problem is still the same... nothing happens on the "updating virtual devices" screen and I have to restart the computer again.